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Darwin (FOX)

Darwin (FOX)

Armando Muñoz

Darwin (FOX)'s History

Darwin worked as a taxi driver. While in this capacity, Charles and Erik asked him to join their CIA-sponsored mutant group. Darwin met his teammates, displayed his powers, and partied with them. Following the Hellfire Club's assault on the Division X facility, Sebastian Shaw attempted to recruit the young mutants into his ranks. Angel Salvadore joined in while Alex and Darwin tried to stop her. It was during this attempt that Shaw absorbed Alex's energy blast and placed it within Darwin. He tried to use his powers to survive the blast that was within his body, but ended up spontaneously combusting while reaching out to Alex.

When Erik and Charles later returned, the mutants informed them of Darwin's demise, with Raven adding that "they can't even bury him". Erik then states that their fallen teammate can be avenged.