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Voted: Doctor Strange (MCU)

Thor did more damage to Thanos due to it being a surprise attack but Doctor Strange put up an incredible fight against Thanos
Voted: Thor

While I still believe Thor would win here, I have to give some props for "Slowdinson" because that is pure gold
Likewise! Thanks for welcoming me to the club
Actually scratch that, I just saw you had posted the link for someone else so I just followed that to the page
Hey thanks! Sorry I just saw this. Actually I was wondering if there was a way to add a character to the site that isn't an original character
Not voted yet

Did you mean to say the Luke Cage is nearly invincible? Because that'd be more accurate. Also we haven't seen much of what Venom can do in his movie. If it's the comics version, he would for sure overpower Luke Cage after a pretty good fight but since this is the movie version of Venom then I'm gonna have to say there's just insufficient data to make a choice.
205 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Thor

If that battle takes place in a star system with a yellow sun, then Kryptonians win with a fierce resistance from Hela and Thor. If they're in literally any other star system, Hela and Thor take them all
Voted: Sandman

I love this thread
Voted: Rick Sanchez

This is, by far, one of the most evenly matched battles I've seen that isn't just two super-people. I have to go with Rick though just because he's such a wildcard. He could potentially pull off some stuff that Doctor Strange didn't see coming in any of the 14,000,605 realities he's checked out
Voted: Team Hulk

Both good points. I was more concerned with the Avengers being severely underpowered as the Justice League was so easily outclassing them with the Hawkeye and Black Widow on the team

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