Darth Maul

Darth Maul


Darth Maul's powers and abilities

Maul became a powerful and well refined telekinetic after his return from Lotho Minor, and was stated as being more powerful in the Force than ever before. He is able to perform astonishing telekinetic feats such as collapsing massive amounts of debris from a cliff face, and blowing away a large company of soldiers with the aid of his brother, Savage. He was also able to carry out less destructive but far more intricate telekinetic manoeuvres, such as engineering the heart attack of an elderly man, and crushing his heart from the inside. Maul has also shown the ability to use telekinesis in order to perform supernatural feats of engineering, such as carrying out the equivalent of a mind trick on a droid, and constructing fully functioning spider-like legs for himself in seconds using various junked droid parts.

Maul was very proficient in the technique Force Choke, which he utilized numerous times against non-force sensitives as well as force sensitives, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, with relative ease. He also showed great accuracy with the technique Saber Throw.

Maul has demonstrated an exceptionally advanced knowledge in mind tricks, being able to whisper commands into a soldier's ear, forcing him to walk up to his fellow soldier's and detonate a thermal detonator, killing himself and everyone around him. Maul has also used mind tricks in order to force people to lose interest in him, making him essentially invisible to the weak minded.


Maul was trained to be a superb acrobat from as young as three years old. When he was this young he was already capable of running along walls, and was trained to run up walls and do somersaults. Soon he managed to master this exercise. He was further trained in advanced acrobatics on a variety of different planets with gravitational fields ranging from half, to twice as much as Maul was accustomed to on Coruscant normally. Nearer the end of his formal training he was capable of pulling off a triple backward flip, and willingly jumped fifty-five meters from a cruiser into the ocean. He also constantly chained acrobatic kicks into his fights.


Because of the Sith Grand Plan, Maul had to be trained in the arts of stealth and espionage, to uphold the secrecy of the Sith's return from the Jedi. Maul was no doubt a master in these fields. He was able to move noiselessly as he assassinated opponents, and used the Force to cloak himself invisible in order to bypass enemies he could not afford to engage.

Computer Hacking

Maul was trained in advanced computer hacking, which has allowed him to access otherwise restricted files and databases on computers, on numerous occasions.