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Battles created by Darkseid_Uxas

Team 1 Team 2
The BallDark Doom7 mo 174511
ArcusSuperman4 mo 10101
Arcus (Cosmic Form) (Supernatural State,)The Father Of Shadows (SWL)10 mo 8101
ArcusAlmighty Creator7 mo 13301
Jiren (DB)Arcus4 mo 8001
Arcus (Cosmic Form) (Supernatural State,)Eru Iluvatar10 mo 9401
Joker (Arkhamverse)Captain America (Earth-TRN814)7 mo 7301
ArcusArcus (Cosmic Form) (Supernatural State,)4 mo 6101
Team DarkseidTeam Thanos10 mo 11201
ArcusThe Ball7 mo 9101
Dracuvas Sa Amba (Avatar form)External Ancestors4 mo 6000
ArcusSentry4 mo 2000
Arcus (Cosmic Form) (Supernatural State,)Darkseid (Infinite Frontier) (Earth Omega)10 mo 5000
The AuthorsArcus (Cosmic Form) (Supernatural State,)10 mo 3000