Hero Wars Verse

Daredevil's History

I understand that you are fed up with this psycho. But what can she do if she got her father's temper, who was a professional mercenary? Gossiping with girlfriends, school and all these girly things bored the hell out of Daredevil, and her mother didn't understand her tomboyish nature.

You wouldn't believe what was going on inside a young troublemaker's mind when she had to put a dress on just because �??you're a girl!�?� However, she didn't know she would suffer so much after the death of her mother. Oh, how stupid those insults toward her parents seemed now!

After the loss of her mother the only soul mate left was the girl's father. Daredevil followed him everywhere he went and tried to take over all his habits. Father, knowing his daughter's special temper, taught her everything he could. Daredevil learnt how to shoot with both hands, make bombs, and got fit perfectly.

The girl didn't let women come to her dad, seeing them as nothing but a threat to their small family. You may say that was selfish, but it was a woman who eventually killed the father. A mercenary from a competing side orchestrated the death of Daredevil's other parent. Since that Daredevil is angry at all females for murdering his father, at herself for not saving him, and at the whole world in general. And you know what? Don't you dare blame her!