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Voted: Goku

Goku didn't turn ssj3 against vegeta in BUu saga because he wanted to let vegeta win basically. Vegeta blew himself up against fat buu and didn't kill him. Goku could have killed fat buu in ssj3 but didn't want to at the time. It's all in the story.
Frieza kills vegeta Goku kills frieza...
Super: Goku owns jiren, vegeta can't scratvh him
Voted: Vegeta

Is that the level where you get killed by lex Luthor with a kryptonite spear? All our heros can be undone by a rich bald white dude. How sad lol
Not voted yet

Except the day he got killed by him.. sorry bout it
Not voted yet

I mean lex Luther is still alive and he killed Superman once so Deadpool could too. At least he is durable. Luther is just a rich average joe last time I checked
Voted: Goku

So like isn't Superman's arch rival a bald rich guy with no superpower that killed him once? Why hasn't he stopped that yet? But he can beat Goku who can erase people, fight without thinking and not get hit by anyone, teleport anywhere instantly, etc..
Voted: Goku

I mean piccolo destroys the moon with a flick of the wrist back in episode 100ish of DBZ in before there was super saiyens so idk
Voted: Goku

So your going to use real science in a fictional world. Okay so goku and supes are fighting and goku teleports supes inside a black hole where no light can get into. Goku wins? Science. Superman can't get his precious sun tan in there. Wears down and get beat. Sorry bout it
Voted: Goku

He shook the voided world (unlimited universe) in the jiren fight.
Voted: Goku

So the sun wins against Goku is basically what your saying. So fuck all the training and the fact that there are gods that can erase(not kill) erase things from exsistance that Goku has surpassed (Sidra at least) by fighting and training everyday of his life. Supes flys to the sun and grows like a plant and defeats a dude that also has the power to say the word "Hakai" and erase anything(which he probably wouldn't because that's too easy for Goku and he never does shit the easy way). Not to mention he's attained a level of fighting where he doesn't think and can't be hit by anything while in that form. BUT THE FUCKING SUN is going to get sat in by Superman for oh idk 5 minutes and then it's over? So a plant is going to beat Goku.. interesting
347 days ago
Hulk vs Goku
Voted: Goku

Doesn't he usually turn into Bruce banner after big explosions? Goku explodes him and he turns into banner. The end