Karl Wolfe


Creature's weapons

Some of his more common abilities

Bullet Ant Stingers 10.5 inches out of his Hands

Strength of a Rhinoceros Beetles

Flight of a Hummingbird Mach 7

Punch of a Mantis Shrimp 1080 MPH

Shooting of Pistol Shrimp 1,452.96 Pounds per square inch shoots 3 feet away 153,000 degrees Fahrenheit

Chemical of Bombarder Beetle 7,200 degrees Fahrenheit

Electric shock of Stargazer 18,500 watts

Jump of a Flea 1,200 ft

Quills of a Porcupine 18 inches

Immune system of a Opossum

Sea Cucumber ability to Liqufiy my body

Color Change of a Cuttlefish

Indestructible of a Tardigrades

Exoskeleton of an Ant as strong as Iron

Webbing of a Spider 1,118,000 Newtons

Creature's equipment

No equipment or weapons connected to Creature