Cosmo The Spacedog

Cosmo The Spacedog


Cosmo The Spacedog's powers and abilities


Cosmo is a high-level telepath. He further has the ability to create defensive shields wide enough to block a corridor and strong enough to deflect energy blasts. He can read and manipulate the minds of others and even higher order animals.

Telepathic Cloak:

He can mask his presence and the use of his abilities from being detected by other psions and psychic entities. He can extend these defenses to others around him as well. Cloaking via telepathy is not perfect and powerful telepaths may notice and 'see' through this ability.

Psionic Shield:

Ability to erect a psychic shield for protection of himself and of others minds.

Telepathic Illusions:

He can create realistic and very detailed illusions and cause people to experience events which are not actually occurring.

Telepathic Camouflage:

He can alter the apparent physical appearance of himself and other people by altering the perceptions of those around him. This can go so far as to make other people believe that the camouflaged people are not there e.g. invisible.

Telepathic Manipulation:

He can manipulate other people's minds easily, achieving a variety of effects.

Mind Control:

He can control the thoughts and actions of others.

Mental Paralysis: He can induce temporary mental or physical paralysis. He was skilled enough to make a Cancerverse-version of the Hulk stroke out by reaching into its mind.

Mental Amnesia:

He can erase any awareness of particular memories or cause total amnesia.

Mental Sedating: Can telepathically "sedate" his victims so that, if already rendered unconscious, they remain so for as long as he continues to "sedate" them.

Psionic Blast:

He can project psionic force bolts which have no physical effects but can affect a victim's mind so as to cause the victim pain or unconsciousness, force them to suffer from a stroke, or turn someone brain-dead.

Mental Detection:

He can sense the presence of another superhuman within a small but as yet undefined radius of himself by perceiving the distinctive mental radiations emitted by such a being.

Extended Longevity:

Cosmo is decades older than the normal maximum life expectancy of a dog.