Nathan Prince

Prime DC Comics Universe

Copperhead's History

Copperhead's origins are shrouded in mystery. A master contortionist and escape artist, he adopted a snake motif and decided to use his talents to commit crimes. His first recorded adventure came when he disguised himself as an old man and attempted to steal the tiara from a wealthy dignitary visiting Gotham City. This earned him the attention of Gotham's guardian, Batman, but Copperhead succeeded in stealing the tiara and evading capture.Batman teamed up with Batgirl and Wonder Woman to set a trap for Copperhead using the Golden Casque of Montezuma as bait. Copperhead encountered the heroes, but once again managed to escape. Soon after, he succeeded in capturing Wonder Woman at Gotham Park and brought her back to his lair. Batman and Batgirl tracked him down, rescued Wonder Woman, and Copperhead was arrested.