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SentryRobert Reynolds20
SupergirlKara Zor-El18
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Voted: Team Chaos King

so who wins ?
Voted: Team Winter Soldier

Bizarro solo he is more powerful then superman if a lot dum
Voted: Team Corvus Glaive

By the move not much but if you go by the comic op
Voted: Ra's Al Ghul

Id love to see ras al ghul put punisher in training like he did batman.
Voted: Deadpool

I have to give this one to deadpool hes immune to poison is unpredictabul healing facter that is much better and has gone aginst some of badest in marvel like thanos avengers carnage in one side story kills the MCU ect. I know deathstroke beat the JLA and some new gods but when it comes down too it i think deadpool can pull this one off
Voted: Batman

out of the two i faver punishe more but ween it all comes down to it i have too give this one to the bat but he will have one hard fight to win
Voted: Death Seed Sentry

how is doomsday intelligence a 90 when he is almost mindless?
Voted: Sentry

sentry cant die and will fly doomsday into the sun and doomsday cant fly
Voted: Wonder Woman

this is a hard fight to pick but I think wonder womens speed and combat smarts will help her win this hard fight
Voted: Team Batman

so who wins ?

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