Christina Pierce

Christina Pierce

Christina Pierce

Christina Pierce 's powers and abilities

•Primordial Entity physiology

•Darkness Manipulation

•Darkness Creation

•Death Touch

•Death inducement

•Weather manipulation


•Energy blasts

•Energy manipulation

•Enhanced senses

•Energy constructs



•Energy beams

•Energy absorption

•Astral manipulation

•Ectoplasm Manipulation

•Soul manipulation

•Soul creation

•Soul Portal Manipulation

•Death force

•Shadow melding

•Psionic powers


•Astral projection

•Accelerated healing

•Astral Trap

•Spiritual force manipulation


•Soul sight

•Soul Absorption

•Life force conversion

• Soul healing

•Darkness construct

•Contruct creation

•Spiritual awareness

•Power detection

•Soul resonation

•Building creation

•Soul creation



•Pocket dimension creation

•Dimension creature

•Dimension traveling


•Mind blast

•Fire negation

•Fire blasts

•Force field

•Grim Reaping

•Soul eater

•Soul touch


•Virtual warping

•Darkness destruction

•Absolute existence

•Subjective reality

•Boundry manipulation


•Fear inducement

•Enhanced durability

•Enhanced reflexes

•Pain suppression

•Enhanced flexibility

•Shadow mimicry

•Animated shadows

•Umbrageous teleportation

•Demon morphing

•Eclipse manipulation

•Sacred darkness manipulation

•Shadow armour

•Dark beam emission

•Darkness transmutation

•Darkness empowerment

•Umbrakinetic blade construction

•Dark matter manipulation

•Inner darkness externalization

•Darkness healing

•Hell fire


Christina has the power to create Darkness and shadows from her mind and physical body, not only that but she can see your darkest secrets, Every sin that you committed, She can open portals to any dimensions and sometimes she can create pocket dimensions.

Example: A small pocket dimension she created, takes the form of a small marble, The marble lodges itself into Christians left hand, she uses that dimension when she is deeply injured or just to relax.

Inside the small dimension, is a Crystal castle, where she has invisible servants to serve her in the need of crisis.


One of her creations is a shape shifter, The creature is made of pure shadows but with the touch of Christina's sisters power, the creature isn't totally evil, it only takes commands from Christina and that's all but the creatures name is jinx.



If Christina is ever killed in combat or however, she'll be reborn, this is known to happen five times but she regains her power throughout her immortal life.

How that works is that Christina stops aging at a certain age, it's very unpredictable, and even though she has enhanced healing, she can still be killed by another God that more powerful then her, but she due her curse, she HAS to be reborn the universe is out of balance.



•One of her weaknesses, is other gods, There are more powerful gods then her.

•Ancient power is very effective on Christina.

•Mind control is one of her weakness.

•Humans, she has a deep love for humans.