Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon

Demon Accords

Chris Gordon's powers and abilities

Unique Physiology

Chris possesses a wide range of preternatural powers and abilities that have developed both in breadth and depth over time in the Demon Accords novel series. Chris' powers include those characteristic of vampires, demons, and angels.

Vampire/Darkkin Powers

Chris got his powers by ingesting Tanya's blood. He underwent some kind of genetic mutation that allows him to use vampire powers without actually becoming one.



He can exorcize a demon who is either housebound or possessing someone and bring the Hellbourne back to Hell via a Heaven bird called Kirby who Chris suspects there are more than one.

Spiritual Awareness

He can see demons even when the demons are cloak and it was part of the toolkit of talents that he was born with.


He can see certain things that happen. His visions never hit while he is driving, because he canā??t see a thing until the vision passes. His visions can also give him an advanced sight of the fighting area that was shown in his visions. He also calls his vision foresight which can give his reactions a boost if he needs to block a kick in time. Each time he has a vision he starts drawing a single snapshot from the vision.


With his sight, he can view the aura and soul of peoples, demons, and other supernatural beings such as vampires. Humans tend to shade toward blue, and Chris own aura is violet in the same shade as his own odd eye color. He doesn't see aura's like Reiki masters do so that means no different layers, just solid hues, sometimes with streaks of other colors.

Superhuman physical characteristics

Supersonic Speed/Supernatural/Superhuman Speed

Supernatural Strength/Superhuman Strength

Supernatural Durability/Superhuman Durability


He can smell silver.

Aura Manipulation

Chris can manipulate his own aura in many ways such as aural weapons.

Energy Projection/Aura Blast

Chris can fire his aura as a powerful energy blast.

Aura Pulse

He can send out a pulse of aura that can knock out electronics, make explosives inert or useless or the ammunition/bullets in weapons inert and he can make nerve agents inert.


Chris can move objects with his own aura.

Mono-Edge Generation/Molecular-Cutting Blades

Chris often wills the aura around his hands into mono-molecular blades that can cut through almost anything and he can pretty much form the monomolecular blades anywhere on his body.

Aura Whip

Aura Bubble

Aura Armor

Aura Reading

He can see and read the aura of other people such as demons which are black.

Aura Claws

He can form tiny claws on his fingers by using aura.

Enhanced Vision

Thermal Vision

It allows him to see heat.

Night Vision

It allows him to see in darkness.

Vampire/Darkkin Techniques


It allows him to anchor things to himself.



It lets him harden his body like armor.




Chosen Bond

It is a bond that connects Chris Gordon with Tatiana Demidova and vice versa.

Sonar Senses/Sonar-like Senses


He has the ability to regenerate his wounds.

Angel Fire/Holy Flame

Enhanced Hearing


Master Martial Artist

He has spent most of his twenty-two plus years in mixed martial arts. He also fought against seventeen weres in 9.3 seconds/nine point three seconds. Chris' overall fighting style seemed to be comprised of jujitsu, wrestling, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and mixed martial arts.


Chris Gordon is really good at drawing but he doesn't believe it's him when drawing and the picture just come on their own, kind of like physic writing according to Chris Gordon. Sometimes the drawings will be graphically cartoonish with the Helbourneā??s eyes overly large and a person's figure exaggerated such as Tatiana's figure. His vision drawing will be artistically perfect yet when Chris draws a non-vision drawing such as a stick figure he can barely draw it.

Wilderness Survival

He is skilled and trained in wilderness survival according to the Brutal Asset file made by Agents in Rebus.


He is skilled and trained in tracking according to the Brutal Asset file made by Agents in Rebus.

Medical Knowledge

He is skilled and trained in emergency medical techniques according to the Brutal Asset file made by Agents in Rebus.


He is skilled in mountaineering according to the Brutal Asset file made by Agents in Rebus.

Chris Gordon's weaknesses

Vision-Related Weakness

He can't see anything when he is having a vision.

DU/Depleted Uranium

As of Book 9: God Hammer, Chris Gordon has found ways around Depleted Uranium/DU. It hinders his aura and aura related powers.