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Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon

Demon Accords

Chris Gordon's History


He has Heavenly origins. He grew up at the top of New York State, right on the border of the six million acre Adirondack Park. At the beginning of the story, he is a normal human who is a New York cop but also an exorcist who exorcizes housebound demons and human possessions but later on in the story, he finds out that he is a fallen angel. Later on in the story, he becomes a human-vampire-demon-hybrid.

Chris is a young guy about 23 years old who lives in New York City, New York. His job is the legal profession of a cop in New York and later a paranormal cop also in New York. His side job is that of an exorcist who exorcizes housebound demons and humans possessed by Hellbourne. As an exorcist, his job entails using his aura and his exorcism skills to put or bring Hellbourne/Demons back to Hell to protect the Earth from them while being a cop and a paranormal cop to protect and hold the law in the supernatural/paranormal world. He isn't just a run-of-the-mill exorcist and cop as he is a Fallen Angel and a human vampire-demon-hybrid. This allows him to better and live longer than most people that came before him.

Unlike most exorcists used by the clergy, Chris is one of the best because the various churches come to Chris Gordon for their tougher exorcisms because the prayers and holy water routine donā??t always work for them.

A strong protagonist (according to some people he is overpowered) in the series, Chris is very levelheadedness and he has a good common sense that he always uses to attack a problem. He is trained in heavy-duty workouts and martial arts training (which will later be expanded on) and knows how to use weapons such as blades and guns. As the series begins, he uses the carry gun of choice by the NYPD, though later in the series he switches to the gun used by the Special Situations Squad of the NYPD.

Early Life

Chris Gordon was raised by his grandfather when he was eight years old after Chris Gordon's father, mother, and his older brother was chopped to bits by an ax-wielding demon in human meat shell form who Chris calls Hellbourne.

When his family was attacked by a demon in a meatsuit, Chris Gordon was jammed in the hiding space that Marcus (his brother) had built in the back of his closet and he had shoved Chris Gordon into that space when the stranger had attacked their mom and dad downstairs.

His grandfather had received custody of Chris Gordon after the death of his family. He lived most of my life on his four-hundred-acre farm. The first thing that came was hard farm work, then after his talents appeared he started doing heavy-duty workouts and martial arts training which had left their mark on his physique. He was probably twelve (12) the last time he had more than ten (10%) percent body fat.

He was born and raised in Upstate New York but has just become a cop in New York City at the age of 23 in God Touched, the first book in the Demon Accord Book Series.