Characters with the most battles? (statistics)

Created by ubslucky, 10 mo 22 d ago.

Out of interested I wonder what are the top 10 characters with the most 1v1 battles?
My guess for the top 3 are: Superman, Thor and Hulk.
Is it possible to find this kind of statistics anywhere?


Galactus 10 mo 22 d
Characters with the most battles? (statistics)
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That was a fun query to figure out. Here's the top 20:

4929 Superman
4299 Thanos
3950 Batman
3751 Thor
3570 Hulk
3342 Spider-Man
2965 Galactus
2804 Deadpool
2720 Goku
2601 Iron Man
2600 The Flash
2599 Captain America
2587 Darkseid
2542 Wonder Woman
2256 Wolverine
2122 The One-Above-All
2114 Dr Manhattan
2110 Doctor Strange (Classic)
2104 Doomsday
2081 Captain Marvel
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ubslucky 10 mo 22 d
Characters with the most battles? (statistics)
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Thank you very much for providing this information, this is very interesting to see.