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Characters That Are Underrated

A Comics collection created by aajayunlimited

Collector aajayunlimited
Type Comics
About Largely ignored, largely underrated/undervalued, or largely unused characters. These characters have reasonable value, but--for whatever reason--they get treated as if invisible, as if "skunky", or as if young children taking on adults(more lowly than they should be). Sometimes, an underdog has an ability that would defeat the well known character--despite being less powerful overall and not as well known or liked. Assumptions can be made without proper research; you know; whenever in doubt, choose the most well known character available or the one that I've taken a shine to[sarcasm]. Here is a place for these kinds of characters that are worth your research(often 2 minutes of your time). The point is--the more you know about certain characters--the more enjoyable the experience at a comics "expo".

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