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Archangel (FOX)Warren Kenneth Worthington III-
Beast (FOX)Henry Philip McCoy-
Cable (FOX)Nathan Summers-
Colossus (FOX)Piotr Nikolajevitch Rasputin-
Cyclops (FOX)Scott Summers-
Dark Phoenix (FOX)Jean Elaine Grey-
Domino (FOX)Neena Thurman-
Gambit (FOX)Remy LeBeau-
Havok (FOX)Alexander Summers-
Iceman (FOX)Bobby Drake-
Nightcrawler (FOX)Kurt Wagner-
Polaris (Fox)Lorna Dane-
Psylocke (FOX)Elizabeth Braddock-
Quicksilver (Fox)Peter Maximoff-
Silver Surfer (FOX)Norrin Radd-
Storm (FOX)Ororo Munroe-
The Wolverine (FOX)Logan-

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Voted: Catwoman (Dark Knight)

Anne is more sexier than Scarlett and she is much more fighting ability and agility than anyone else. Hathaway is my favorite.
Voted: Cyclops (FOX)

Cyclops optic blasts are very powerful powered by the sun almost identical to Captain Marvel force blasts
Voted: Cyclops (FOX)

Cyclops optic blasts are powered by the sun are almost identical power to Captain Marvel force blasts.
Voted: Dark Phoenix (FOX)

The Phoenix Force is the most powerful energy in the universe to harness compared to Wanda Hex magic
Voted: Archangel (FOX)

Archangel wings are made of alien type of metal, he was infected with the legacy virus that created Cable from Apocalypse. His sharp metal blades can cut through other Earth type metals. He has a leg up on Falcon.
Voted: The Wolverine (FOX)

My Jackman has more combat ability and is known adamantium can cut through anything eventhough Hulk skin engineered genetically with jellyfish and gamma ray explosions
Voted: Storm (FOX)

Storm has more abilities in her bag than Thor hammer
Voted: Quicksilver (Fox)

his speed will beat out his quick eyed arrow shots
Voted: Team Cyclops (FOX)

this team is much stronger and durable than this MCU Avengers team

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