Selina Kyle

Injustice (2013-2017 Games)

Catwoman's History

Growing up in the harsh environment of Gotham City, Selina Kyle was only able to survive on the streets through her seductive charm and skills as a petty thief. Later on into adulthood, she worked in the East End as a hopeless dominatrix, until she saw Batman in his early days fighting crime. Seeing him inspired her to take her thieving skills to a bigger scale by fashioning a costume and calling herself Catwoman. As time passed, she and the Caped Crusader became notable adversaries, but it would also be converted into a sort of relationship, with Batman sometimes saving Catwoman from a villain or both of them working together against said villain. It conflicts with Batman's morals to love a girl that's known for being a criminal. This would end up having Catwoman become more of an antihero as of late, serving as a constant ally to the Bat-Family and other heroes of Gotham.