Captain Hindsight

Captain Hindsight

Jack Brolin


Captain Hindsight's powers and abilities


Perfect 20/20 hindsight is the power that Captain Hindsight is most associated with. With his natural hindsight abilities raised to superhuman levels, due to an accident with a retroactive spider, Captain Hindsight can immediately know how an event could have been avoided just by looking at the scene. As it is perfect hindsight, it may give him knowledge that he didn't already have, such as building designs, to work. However, this power appears to force him to know how things could have been stopped and express it vocally, as he is seen muttering to himself when he was talking to Mysterion, leading him to label it as a curse as he can't save the people anyway. The greatest weakness to this power as Hindsight demonstrated, is the fact the ability only works after the action has occurred, which more often than not makes him regret doing the action in the first place and second guesses every action he does.


His only known, typical superpower, Captain Hindsight adopts a Superman pose as he flies. He appears to be able to move at superhuman speeds, as he is able to appear at catastrophes shortly after they happen.

Strength Level

100 kg • 220 lb

Super Powers

Enhanced SensesFlightSuper Speed