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Captain Britain

Captain Britain

James Braddock

Ultimate Marvel Universe

Captain Britain's History


Jamie Braddock is the brother of the former Captain Britain, Brian Braddock, and son of Dr. James Braddock. Though Brian survived an attack on Parliament by the Madrox's during Magneto's attack several months earlier, Brian Braddock stayed comatose. Brian was also affected by cancer. Jamie took up his mantle, blaming his father for Brian's situation. Jamie quickly became the leader of the European Defense Initiative's reconstituted Super Soldier Program.

When the E.D.I. sent him along with different European Captains to talk to Asgardian Gods, he found himself battling the Children of Tomorrow with the help of Thor. He was the only Captain who survived after capture, being later rescued by Thor. He then joined the Ultimates. After the US president activated the Winter Protocols, Jamie and Spider-Woman were arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D.. This shut down the Ultimates at that time.