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Captain Britain

Captain Britain

Brian Braddock

Captain Britain's weapons

Quarterstaff & Sceptre

Captain Britain originally wielded a Quarterstaff (which could produce a force field), and later the Star Sceptre (which allowed flight, as well as the force field). Merlyn eventually moved these powers into Brian's costume, and eventually into Brian himself.


Brian temporarily wielded the sword Excalibur during the adventure which saw him ascend the throne of Otherworld.

Captain Britain's equipment


Captain Britain's costume stores interdimensional energies, acting as a battery for when he is away from the matrix which surrounds the British Isles. His costume has also at times been able to generate a protective forc e field (originally, this power came from his quarterstaff) and a more recent version is also able to adopt a 'stealth mode' which helps him operate more unobtrusively.

No equipment or weapons connected to Captain Britain