Bushmaster (MCU)

Bushmaster (MCU)

John Mclver


Bushmaster (MCU)'s powers and abilities

Nightshade Enhancement

After going through an Obeah ritual, performed on him by a Jamaican bushwoman, Bushmaster gained superhuman abilities due to inhaling a lucid compound called Nightshade. Despite granting him with enhanced abilities, nightshade's healing properties are not everlasting, meaning Bushmaster must take nightshade if he ever suffered severe injuries.

Superhuman Strength

Bushmaster possesses physical strength sufficient to knock down and injure Luke Cage, and even cause internal damage to his body. After taking an enhanced strain of nightshade, Bushmaster was able to effectively overpower Luke, as well as break down a steel door with multiple blows that damaged it severely from the outside.

Superhuman Durability

After inhaling his first nightshade, McIver's skin was hardened, making him far more resilient than a normal human. While not as durable as Cage, he is bulletproof to some extent, with bullets embedding into his skin rather than bouncing off him. He was able to survive a point-blank explosion inside a police van, which had enough force to kill two guards and demolish the van; although it should be noted that he was left in a critical state, and required Tilda Johnson's help to heal him.

Superhuman Speed

Bushmaster can move at speeds exceeding that of the finest human athlete. He was able to fight Luke Cage in close combat, outmaneuvering his attacks as fast as possible and even dodging bullets that are aimed at him. Cage described him to Bobby Fish as "unnaturally fast."

Superhuman Agility

Bushmaster is able to perform athletic feats that make him agile, using his acrobatic abilities to excel at close combat and survive from great heights with a simple jump and a roll.

Superhuman Reflexes

Bushmaster was able to evade a bullet shot at him from close distance by Shades.

Regenerative Healing Factor

After inhaling the herb of smoke during the Obeah ceremony, his bullet wounds had completely healed in mere seconds. When near death, Bushmaster suffered tearing and scars on his skin, after having nightshade spread onto him, Bushmaster's wounds were fully healed in a short amount of time.


Master Martial Artist

McIver is an extremely skilled martial artist and combatant, able to easily incapacitate Nigel Garrison and kill him. He also utilizes Judo, Taekwondo, Capoeira, and Boxing in his fighting style. McIver is skilled enough to take down multiple men and Luke Cage, a highly skilled combatant. McIver also went head to head with Cage, Misty Knight, and Shades at the same time, though he eventually lost due to facing multiple opponents, as well as Cage's superior durability.

Master Acrobat

McIver is extremely skilled in acrobatics, able to take down Luke Cage with a flip kick and utilize his acrobatics in his fights.

Master Tactician

Mclver is an extreme, highly effective planner.


McIver is fluent in both English and Jamaican Patois, often interspersing the two languages in conversation with other Patois speakers.