Seth Brundle

Brundlefly's powers and abilities

Superhuman Strength

Brundlefly possesses the proportional strength of an insect with a body the size of a human, granting him incredible strength. Brundle was able to tear a much larger man's arm open during an arm wrestling match and later smash clean through a large glass window by jumping into it.

Superhuman Stamina

Due to the fly genes in his body, Brundlefly is able to perform physical activities for a longer period.

Superhuman Agility

Brundlefly can jump to incredible heights and over large distances.


Due to his fly genes, Brundlefly is able to stick to and scale walls and ceilings just like a normal insects do.


Brundlefly's most deadly ability is to vomit a corrosive liquid that he uses to externally digest food so he can absorb and consume it. While this is a natural ability of a fly in order to eat its food, Brundlefly can use it as a method of attack to melt human flesh.