Brotherhood Of Shadow

A Mortal Kombat team.

Brotherhood Of Shadow's History

[u]Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero[/u]

The first storyline appearance of the organization comes in the form of three deadly assassins: Sareena, Kia and Jataaka. Jataaka and Kia were defeated by the elder Sub-Zero, but Sareena is strangely spared by the Lin Kuei warrior. She later appears to help Sub-Zero in defeating Quan Chi. Although the duo achieved victory, it is cut short by Shinnok, who "kills" her with a bolt of energy.

[u]Mortal Kombat 3[/u]
Noob Saibot appears once more, apparently having set a "base of operations" in a dark lit area known as Noob's Dorfen. It is during this time he is an active member working outside the Nethrrealm, under orders of Shinnok to align himself with Shao Kahn, during the Outworld emperor's invasion of Earth, while also secretly aiding Earthrealm's warriors in defeating Shao Kahn.

[u]Mortal Kombat 4[/u]

Another member of the organization, Reiko, makes his debut. Sometime before the events of the game, Tanya, a close ally of the Brotherhood of Shadow, had been enlisted into the clan as a double agent, pretending to be a close ally of the Earthrealm warriors.

[u]Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance[/u]

Before the events of Deadly Alliance, Noob Saibot appeared in the war between Edenia's new Shokan forces under leadership of Goro and Kitana as well as Shao Kahn's diminished army. He ambushes the weary Goro and fatally wounds him. Meanwhile, Sareena resurfaces and defects from the Brotherhood of Shadow, meeting up with the younger Sub-Zero, now Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei, pledging her servitude to the newly reformed clan, indebted to the older brother's strange compassion towards her.

[u]Mortal Kombat: Armageddon[/u]

While he is no longer a member of the Brotherhood of Shadow, Noob Saibot allies with Quan Chi, who is gathering fighters to the Forces of Darkness for the Battle of Armageddon. Quan Chi knows that the realms are in the brink of destruction, so he casts a deadly spell upon Orin, Taven's guardian dragon, in order to try preventing him into putting a halt to his plans. The sorcerer orders Kia, Jataaka and the controlled Sareena to kill Taven. Taven defeats Kia and Jataaka, but was unaware he freed Sareena from Quan Chi's control. The sorcerer has formed an uneasy and distrustful alliance with fellow villains Onaga, Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn.

[u]Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks[/u]

Minions of the Brotherhood, still under the command of Shinnok, appear here, a small group hiding in secret in the Living Forest. They are depicted as jet-black skinned humanoid demons, wearing black uniforms with their insides glowing blue or green (depending on the version of the game). They have the ability to melt into a shadowy form that makes them invulnerable to every form of attack, sans a Multality. They attack their opponents wielding sickle blades with deadly skill and agility. They are the most vulnerable when solid.