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Eric Conroy

Prime Marvel Universe

Bloodstrike's History

Eric Conroy's father Lt. Mark Conroy had served in the Vietnam War. Conroy's unit, calling themselves the Half-Fulls discovers an ancient temple deep in the jungles of Cambodia. There they met Tai, a powerful mystic, who convinces most of them to marry the six daughters of the Dragon's Breadth cult. The soldiers return home with their new brides. Mark and his wife had Eric soon after.

Eric was once the enforcer for a mobster in Chicago until the Left Hand kills his boss and recruits him to join the Folding Circle. The Left Hand is Diego Casseas, one of the members of Conroy's unit, who had stolen the mystical power inherent in his own child. He is now recruiting the Dragon's Breadth children in order to take control of the Well of All Things. This is an ancient fountain of power that exists deep inside the Cambodian temple. In one of his first missions Eric kills a security guard. This action transforms his body; unbreakable pink material wraps around his arms,legs and waist.

The Folding Circle arrives at the temple, along with the New Warriors. In the resulting battle, it is learned that Tai wants to sacrifice everyone but herself so she can gain the Well's powers. The teams work together in effort to save their own lives. Ultimately, Tai is seemingly slain by Night Thrasher. The Folding Circle escapes, stealing the Quinjet the New Warriors had originally stolen from the Avengers. The Folding Circle crashes in Madripoor and try to become players in the Madripoor underworld. The Circle takes over the organization of Aardwolf, a mutant drug lord. Later, Night Thrasher and Silhouette defeat the entire Circle.