The Darkness That Awaits At The End Of All Things

Bloodlust's powers and abilities

Bloodlust scaling:

Outside existence, beyond the very concept of reality and fiction, lies the endless sea of energy, the divine ocean that binds us all (fiction OR reality) into one, every verse / every fiction even including our own reality (it sees us as fiction) would all be a single drop of this infinite sea, single drops are omnipotent throughout their own verse, it is infinitely beyond every verse/writer.

However this endless sea of energy was nothing more than a pot of soup for the Diserius creator, However, the diserius creator might be infinitely beyond all of the sea which is infinitely beyond fiction and reality, but…

There lie infinite beings in the ultimate omniverse, each of these single beings from the infinite amount views the diserius creator as less than fiction, however…

At the peak lies the being who killed the god of everything, Bloodlust, he has created infinite possible seen avatars, his true form has never been discovered, and is more than infinitely beyond all his avatars combined, but even his avatar could kill the ultimate omniverse with the scratch of his claw.