Black Widow

Black Widow

Yelena Belova

Prime Marvel Universe

Black Widow's History

She was trained in the Red Room Academy, where she claimed her physical test scores exceeded those of her rival Black Widow,but unlike those who were a part of the Black Widow Ops Program she underwent only physical training. One of her first known missions was delivering a device which would lower the barriers surrounding Attilan to aid in invasion.When the United States and Russian governments sent Natasha Romanova after the Deathless Frenzy, Yuri Stalyenko sent Yelena from the Red Room, at her own insistence, to shadow Natasha to ensure that the serum ended up in Russian hands. After being fooled into thinking Natasha was dead, Yelena headed to Rhapastan to stop General Khan and the Deathless Frenzy. She failed and was captured. It was only through the efforts of Natasha Romanova that Khan's plans failed, although Yelena learned some important lessons from her failing.

Shortly after, Yelena was used by Natasha in her plans to find out what General Stalyenko was up to. Yelena was captured from her home by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Natasha, Fury, and a reluctant Daredevil had her face surgically swapped with Natasha's. Wandering New York in shock Yelena nearly lost her mind. After the whole affair was over Natasha revealed that she had done this to try and help Yelena see that spies were not heroes, but tools who get used for nasty business. Yelena felt violated and compared it to a rape of her identity.

Sometime after 'solving' the murder of her mentor Lt. Col. Starkovsky Yelena left the life of a spy behind her for a short time and began a lingerie model, she also owned a lingerie empire that turned over half a million dollars a month, a couple softcore porn channels in Moscow and homes in six different countries including Havana where she helped keep female sex workers safe and distributed medicine to those affected by A.I.D.S, she also helped out Natasha Romanova when she came to her in exchange for help getting antivirals from Florida. She also claimed to have not shot a gun or practiced martial arts in years but then revealed that to be a lie.She came to help Matt Murdock when she heard that someone matching his description was in Cuba having escaped Guantanamo Bay and accompanied him in helping Natasha.

The Avengers were confronted by Yelena and a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. battalion illegally mining Vibranium in the Savage Land. They attacked the Avengers in order to kill them but an intervening Sauron burned Yelena's upper body severely. Once in ICU she was offered a way to take revenge for what happened to her and eventually kill Spider-Woman in the process. A mysterious man approached her with A.I.M. scientists in tow, promising to make her more powerful than before, even more powerful than the Avengers, which would make her the new Adaptoid