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Black Tortoise

Black Tortoise


Kung Fu Panda

Black Tortoise's History

Kung Fu Panda 3

Bao is one of several pandas that Po meets when he and his father travel to the hidden panda hideout.

The Paws of Destiny

Here, Bao protects his friends and his Master Po with his chi, which acts as a shell for when the Four Constellations are under attack

In The Paws of Destiny, Bao is the twin brother of Nu Hai and grandson of Grandma Panda. Both Bao and Nu Hai parents had been gone for an unspecified time, that is why Grandma Panda is the one who takes care of them.

During the events of Paws of Destiny, Bao, Nu Hai, Fan Tong, and Jing found the temple of four constellations and receive their chi when Bao decided to touch the Black Tortoise statue in the temple. Bao then gains the Chi of the Black Tortoise, and embarks on the journey to stop Jindiao as one of the new Four Constellations.