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Black Rapier

Black Rapier

Black Rapier's powers and abilities

Powers and Abilities

Decelerated Aging: Black Rapier has been active for many years. In order to continue his heroic career well after he should have been too old, Black Rapier created a serum which keeps him young and fit for as long as he drinks it.

Investigation: Black Rapier is a detective in his own right. A private eye working out of New Orleans, he is able to understand crimes and analyze where they might lead.

Fencing: Black Rapier's weapon shows his skill with fencing. While his electric rapier does fire electricity at short ranges he fancies taking on opponents with his weapon in close combat.

Engineering: While unspecified, Black Rapier has shown some proficiency with engineering. He's engineered his own slow aging serum as well as working on the alien technology that allows the Honor Guard Headquarters to fly and stay invisible.