Black Manta

Black Manta

David Kane

DC Extended Universe

Black Manta's powers and abilities

David Kane does not possess any innate powers. Instead, he uses Atlantean technology supplied by Ocean Master to provide him with superhuman strength, endurance, durability, and a variety of weapons.

Superhuman Strength

Black Manta's armor grants him incredible superhuman strength, on par with that of high-born Atlanteans, such as Aquaman. This is shown when he kicked Aquaman off his feet, successfully headbutted him, kicked him out of a house, and - with the help of his jetpack - rammed him off a building.

Superhuman Reflexes

Black Manta's armor enhances his reflexes, to the point that he is able to keep up with Aquaman's speed while battling the latter.


Black Manta's suit incorporated the firing mechanism of the Plasma Cannon onto its back and legs, allowing Manta to fly and hover in mid-air.

Superhuman Durability

Black Manta's armor grants him incredible durability, to the point that he can survive tremendous underwater pressures. It can withstand, albeit not unscathed, mighty blows from Aquaman. The armor's durability also allowed him to survive a direct explosion followed by a large fall off a cliff, though he was left badly injured and the armor was severely damaged.



Intelligence140 IQ
Strength20+ tons
Speed3x Speed of Sound

Super Powers

DurabilityStaminaSuper SpeedSuper StrengthElectrokinesisEnergy BeamsFlightPower SuitReflexesVision - HeatWeapons Master