Black Manta

Black Manta

David Kane

DC Extended Universe

Black Manta's weapons

Optical Blasts

The helmet of Black Manta's suit fires thick beams of red plasmoid energy from its eyes, similar to Kryptonian heat vision. These beams are so intense, that Aquaman was sent flying an immense distance by them, with his body left slightly blackened.

Wrist-Mounted Harpoon Gun

Black Manta's suit also boasts Atlantean steel weaponry, such as the spear hook on his left arm, which was sharp enough to pierce Aquaman's flesh. Moreover, the spear hook can also be charged with a strong electric current, which makes it glow red.

Projectile Blades

Black Manta keeps hidden stilettos situated on and around the armor. One is kept hidden in the right forearm, while another is brandished by Manta like a sword. These blades are of Atlantean steel, which makes them sharp enough to slice right through the body of a high-born Atlantean.


He got this knife form his father, who, in his turn, got it from his own father.

Black Manta's equipment

Black Manta suit

David Kane, with the help of Ocean Master, created a specialized armored suit that allows him to operate underwater. The armored suit is outfitted with Atlantean technology, giving it energy projection abilities, as well as facilitating use against immense pressures in deep ocean waters. The suit possesses a distinctive manta-shaped helmet with two large eyes which fire optic blasts (powerful enough to injure Atlanteans) and is connected to an oxygen system that allows Manta to breathe underwater indefinitely. The suit also has a rocket jetpack system that enables him to fly, as well as an Atlantean steel blade within a forearm.
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