Black Manta

Black Manta

David Hyde

Black Manta's powers and abilities

Black Manta has no superhuman powers or abilities. He has honed several skills to near perfection.


Master Tactician Excel in Mechanical Engineering Expert Diver and Treasure Hunter Black Manta is one of the world's best divers and treasure hunters. He is the first choice for missions that require underwater salvage or exploration.

Expert Assassin and Fighter Black Manta is also one of the world's best assassins, and is accounted one of the deadliest and most highly-disciplined killers alive. He has developed his own fighting style, usable both on land and at sea, which typically relies on his suit and weaponry. He is an adaptable fighter who is able to use his environment and improvised weaponry to his advantage.

Peak Physical Condition Manta is in excellent physical condition, particularly in terms of his strength, stamina and agility. He can easily outclass opponents who are armed, and can survive threatening underwater conditions.

Leadership and Intellect Black Manta is a gifted leader and a skilled strategist. He is a gifted manipulator, and occasionally makes use of this skill and his leadership ability to persuade others to join in his schemes. He is very intelligent, and experienced in numerous relevant fields, such as mechanical engineering.