Black Manta

Black Manta



Black Manta's weapons

Bladed Weapons

Black Manta always carries two specifically-designed long daggers, that can be concealed in the arms or the back of his suit. These blades are capable of wounding metahumans.

Harpoon Wires

His suit is equipped with wrist-mounted grappling guns which can fire specialized hooks able to penetrate armour and metahuman skin. The hooks can be charged with electricity, and also may be used to climb or attach to objects.

Two-Bladed Gun

Manta often carries a gun which can fire powerful energy blasts, and which has two sharp blades on the barrel.

Black Manta's equipment

Black Manta owns a large arsenal of weaponry, equipment, and vehicles of his own design. Additionally, he has amassed a considerable fortune over the years through his exploits as a treasure hunter.

Manta Suit

Black Manta wears a diving suit that enables him to survive underwater to unknown depths; it insulates him against the cold and protects him from pressure changes. It is completely waterproof and bulletproof, and is so completely sealed that it cannot be entered even at the atomic level. It also grants him a level of superhuman strength and durability, allowing him to survive major traumatic injuries. It greatly increases his underwater mobility, primarily through the use of some sort of diver propulsion vehicle, and allows him to leap great heights when shooting out of water. It is also effective as a means of camouflage in dark water. He wears a distinctive manta-shaped helmet with two large eyes that allow for infrared and scope vision, as well as powerful optic blasts capable of hurting or killing metahumans. His helmet connects to an oxygen system that allows him to breathe underwater indefinitely. It also protects his head from trauma.


Manta Ship

Manta owns a small submersible ship which is extremely quick, maneuverable, durable, and stealthy. It can function normally at any depth. The control room contains radar and communications and a window for direct visibility. The Manta Ship has both very powerful defensive and offensive weaponry such as missiles, lasers, and electrical blasts. It is able to fly at very high speeds when out of the water.

No equipment or weapons connected to Black Manta