Black Lightning

Black Lightning

Jefferson Pierce

DC Television Universe

Black Lightning's powers and abilities

Meta-Human Physiology

Jefferson possesses the power to generate, create and project electricity from both his hands or his entire body.


Jeff can generate electricity from his body which he can manipulate and control. He is also able to manipulate the electricity around him; according to Lynn Stewart, Jeff can only take electricity from it's source, channeling it via his body, but he can't actually generate or create electricity. Whenever he utilizes or is about to utilize his electrical powers, Jeff's eyes glow bright blue. Originally lacking this power, Jeff later became able to generate electricity on his own. However, this can noticeably exhaust him. His electricity a bluish-gray color and his eyes glow the same color when he is using this power.

Electricity Absorption

Jeff can charge himself with electricity from nearby electrical sources, essentially draining them, event without physically making contact with the source; instead, he is able to redirect the electricity toward him so he can absorb it. He can also absorb the electricity his daughter, Jennifer Pierce generates, which at one point completely energized him after he lost his powers or when he temporarily died.

Electrical Blasts

Jeff can create blasts and bolts of electrical energy and project them at his opponents. He can also throw them large distances, cause injuries and even hold his opponents in the air with using his electricity.

Electrical Constructs

Jeff can use his electrokinetic powers to create physical objects out of electric energy.

Electrical Shields

Jeff is capable of constructing a shield that can protect him and others from harm, an application of his powers that he has used to block hails of bullets on several occasions.

Electrical Orbs

Jeff is capable of making orbs of electrical energy from as small as a basketball (an aspect of his power that he normally uses in combat as ammunition) to as large as a fully-grown adult (an aspect of his powers that he has recently developed which essentially imprison a target with electricity, preventing them from physically interacting with any person or object and blocking any active power usage, much like the anti-metahuman weapons used by the ASA).

Electrical Whips

Jeff can manifest his electrical energy in the shape of whips, allowing him to essentially lasso his targets, either to yank them closer to them or to more easily slam them against walls and/or ceilings. This can also be used to prevent someone from completing an attack by restraining them.

Electric Taser

Jeff can use his electricity to act as a taser from his hands, thus knocking his opponents unconscious, as he did so with a man who was high on Green Light.


Using his electricity, Jefferson can manipulate the matter of objects with electricity or electromagnetism. He usually performs this feat by hurling or lifting his opponents into the air.

Electricity Immunity

Jeff is completely immune against any electric weapons and attacks, as exhibited when he was tasered by police officers and the Sange. He can even redirect the electricity back to the source, as shown when he used the taser darts shot at him by police to send the electrical shock back at them instead.


After a suit upgrade, Jefferson is able to use his electricity to give him the ability to fly and propel himself in the air.

Accelerated Healing Factor

Jeff possess an accelerated healing factor, allowing him to heal from wounds much faster than a normal human. However, according to Lynn Stewart, he doesn't heal as fast as he used to when he was younger, but does still heal twice as fast a normal human.

Vocal Manipulation

Jeff possesses the ability to change his voice through the use of electricity. He vibrates his vocal cords with his own electricity, thus making his voice much deeper than usual.


Peak Human Condition

Jeff is in top physical condition from his time as an Olympic athlete which he maintains by working out regularly. His own physical strength allowed him to hold his own against the physically stronger Tobias Whale and even knock him to the ground and against some school lockers.


Jeff is skilled in acrobatics, using acrobatics to escape pursuit in his vigilante activities as Black Lightning.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant/Martial Artist

Jeff is an extremely skilled close-range combatant and martial artist, able to compete against numerous opponents at one time. Jeff can also compete against his daughter Anissa Pierce, and managed to defeat her despite her own superpowers. He also managed to defeat the physical stronger Tobias in hand-to-hand combat with the latter wearing lightning resistant material during the fight.

Expert Marksmanship

Jeff possesses impressive marksmanship skills, as he is able to easily fire electricity at several members of the 100 with ease.


Jeff possesses impressive stealth skills, as he was able to sneak away from inspector Bill Henderson with him noticing or hearing him. He was also able to stealthily sneak away from Anissa during a sparring match, and then sneak up on her. He was able to sneak away from Two-Bits without the latter hearing or noticing him.


Being a teacher at Garfield High School, Jefferson has some level of teaching abilities.


Along with his native English, Jefferson can also speak some Spanish.