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Black Knight III

Black Knight III

Dane Whitman

Black Knight III's weapons

Dane's past weapons include the legendary Ebony Blade, his power lance and his laser sword. The Ebony Blade, created by the wizard Merlin, is an indestructible, enchanted sword forged of magic and a unique meteorite that fell to Earth in the Middle Ages. It can cut through any substance as well as deflect energy and penetrate energy fields, including those of mystical forces. Its owner could also transport the Blade to him through a magical bond. The Ebony Blade was also enchanted with a “blood curse,” so that, should its wielder use the blade in an unworthy manner to kill, he would be overwhelmingly compelled to use the sword to spill more blood. Once, Whitman believed the curse to be lifted, but his former apprentice Sean Dolan has since succumbed to it, becoming the murderous Bloodwraith under the Blade's influence.

Dane's original weapon was his power lance, a device adapted from the designs of his criminal uncle; it was a lance outfitted with a variety of hidden weapons, including heat beams, force beam projectors, gas emitters and bolas that could enwrap opponents. He has very seldom used the lance since adopting his various swords.

His laser sword, also known as his neural sword or photonic sword, is a hand-held device that generates a "blade" of light; this blade could be adjusted to various settings, including a penetrating laser that could cut through almost anything and an immaterial energy column that could disrupt a victim's nervous system without doing physical damage.

Black Knight III's equipment

Dane wears protective armor, apparently of elven design. He also possesses a necklace that can contain his armor, sword and shield and reappear whenever he says Avalon.


Dane normally rides the winged horse, Aragorn. He also used Valinor like his uncle did. While with the Knights of Wundagore, Dane uses one of their 'atomic steeds'.

While he used the Ebony Blade, Dane could be summoned to it regardless of location through the use of a ritual.

No equipment or weapons connected to Black Knight III