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Voted: Zatanna

In age of ultron and civil war scarlet witch has fought with the avengers. Did't anyone notice they had said long words(even longer than the 4 words backward spell) before or between the fight. And if zatanna and scarlet witch fights then what, to say these 4 words its takes zatanna time enough for the witch to hit her. For avengers and ultron and other who doesn't even knows about spells, they can say some words fast but for zatanna a highly skilled magician it takes times. Marvel can't even use their sense.
Voted: Zatanna

Zatanna just has to say HCTIW TELRACS ENOG EB and how long do you think it takes to say these words. In the movies in witch scenes while fighting they have said much more longer words than this before the witch can hit them with magic and why suddenly between zatanna and witch to say these words backwards it takes zatanna(the great magician who has full
experience)much time. Seriously stupid mcu fans.
Voted: Flash II

Do you know how fast flash is. In age of ultron jarvis couldn't trace quicksilver. And flash is way more faster than quicksilver. I think you are an idiot.
Voted: Darkseid

For your kind info thanos is nothing without that gaunlet and stones. And the stones doesn't belong to him. Keep this in mind. Darkseid didn't use any kind of superpowered things to defeat justice league. And thanos had to use the gaunlet and stones.