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Big Barda

Big Barda

Barda Free

Prime DC Comics Universe

Big Barda's powers and abilities

As a member of the New Gods, Big Barda has many formidable powers and abilities. She is one of the strongest women in the DC Universe and can easily lift well over 100 tons under normal conditions, putting her in Wonder Woman's strength class. She is also a master of most forms of combat, her skill level such that she is able to fight Wonder Woman to a draw. Barda's durability is such that she is virtually indestructible and partially bullet proof. As a member of the immortal race known as the New Gods, Barda is also immortal, having physically stopped aging in the youthful prime of her life.

Barda is able to summon Aero-discs, which allow her to fly, and in battle she wears distinctive blue Apokaliptian armor which enhances her durability to even greater levels. Her main weapon is the Mega-Rod, a high-tech device that fires extremely powerful concussive blasts. Barda can use the Mega-Rod to teleport herself or others to any desired location, and it also gives her the ability to manipulate gravitational fields.

Her New God biology gives her an immunity to disease, as Despotellis explains to Sinestro when trying to infect Highfather.