Team Wolverine
Team Lobo

Created by: Dellmamy45


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Voted: Team Wolverine

Interesting choices of characters. Here's how I see each matchup:
Lobo >Wolverine
X-23>Lady Shiva
Gamora>Talia al Ghul
Team Wolverine: 4
Team Lobo: 2
There's going to be some mismatch action going on 4 on 2, but lobo is practically immortal, same with deadpool, deadshots gonna die for sure. Lobo's going to be the last man standing for his team, while for wolverine's team, he's going to have himself, deadpool, and maybe 1 or 2 more ppl, so I'd say team wolverine.
1 year ago.
Team Battle
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Voted: Team Wolverine

FIght to the death. The team can work together.

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