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Voted: Team Namor

If it is on land Red Hulk wins if it in the sea I might have to give it too Namor. Loki and Mandarin is just to close to call but I will give it too Loki, Magneto vs Magus is rather a complex match because they both have taken on multiple X-Men at a time Magus is made of a type of space metal not sure if Magneto can necessary control it. But Magneto has greater accomplishments so i'll give it to him. Doctor Strange wins but barely. Not to familiar with Wonder Man but I know he isn't a push over but Tony Wins. And for the last battle Fin Fang Foom beats Destroyer.
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Team Battle
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SoulCollector, out of those one on one battles who would win though? Just curious what your picks would be. ???
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Voted: Team Namor

My picks are: Namor vs Red Hulk, Loki vs Mandarin, Magneto vs Magus, Doctor Strange vs Black Bolt, Iron Man vs Wonder man, and Destroyer vs Fin Fang Foom.

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