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Whiplash and Whirlwind

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Whiplash and Whirlwind

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Northeastern Avengers #10
Blade and Nightcrawler make their way down the hall and run into Crystal. She is battling Whiplash and Whirlwind and is really struggling. Our heroes give aid and the battle begins.
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Blade battles Whiplash while Crystal and Nightcrawler face Whirlwind.
Whirlwind: Ah, it would be a shame if I had to hurt you pretty little thing, but you shouldn't have picked a fight with me.
Crystal: It would be a shame if I had to kick that pretty little ass of yours, but you shouldn't have gotten in my way.
Crystal fires a large ball of flame that hurts Whirlwind and at the same time Blade's sword clashes with Whiplashes whip.
Whiplash: Looks like little Blade can't even scratch me, pathetic.
Blade: I'll do a little more than that.
Eric pulls out his shotgun and sends him flying back a shot from it. Whiplash tries to get up but Blade quickly jumps on him and knocks him out by smacking him with the back of his gun. Whirlwind then injects himself with the isotope and in a huge gust of wind blows everyone back. He then surrounds himself inside of a vortex that continues to push everyone back.
Whirlwind: And here I thought heroes were something spec...
Crystal shoots a stream of fire that engulfs Whirlwind. He can't take it and the wind stops, and quickly Nightcrawler teleports over to Whiplash takes his needle and sticks it in his neck. After neutralizing the isotope Blade drops Whirlwind with a right hook.
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The three run down the hallway and reach the vault. The first people they see is Hawkeye's group, but then the see the huge problem. Fing Fang Foom is there accompanied by the Thing, Colossus, and the Kingpin.
Kingpin: You're too late Avengers, the boss will be here very soon, and you will all meet your demise.
Will our heroes meet their demise... How many clones are there... Find out in the next issue of The Northeastern Avengers!

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