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Northeastern Avengers #3
The Northeastern Avengers are called to action when they are informed by SHEILD that the Rhino and Blob are reeking havoc. They are also told that Luke Cage is down there and he needs assistance, they waste no time as they land, and jump into the fray.
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Blade and Daredevil battle Blob while Nightcrawler and Hawkeye help Luke Cage take on Rhino. They get the upper hand but once they do Mysterio comes out of the shadows and takes over the mind of Luke Cage who rocks Hawkeye sending him flying. Nightcrawler stunned by this is knocked down by Rhino who tries to stomp on him but he teleports out of the way. Daredevil is the only one to notice Mysterio but as soon as he does Blob throws a car at him but he jumps out of the way and informs Hawkeye. He fires a smoke arrow that blinds Cage and he fires another at Mysterio cracking his helmet which releases the mind control. After coming to his senses he charges in and uppercuts Blob who takes the hit and returns one and the two begin exchanging.
Nightcrawler: So little horn you think you can catch me?
Rhino: Who you calling little horn!?!?
Mightcrawler: Well you of course, little horn.
This pisses him off and the Rhino charges full speed Nightcrawler get's out of harms way and he collides with Blob taking both of them out.
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Rhino, Blob, and Mysterio are apprehended by SHEILD, but our heroes just can't catch a break as they are informed by Fury that the SHEILD base below the Manhattan Harbor is under siege from a group of villains and require assistance.
Blade: *mutters* Ain't there another team yall can call, damn.
Will our heroes make it there in time... is there another team they can call... find out in the next issue of The Northeastern Avengers.