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I'm here for this storyline tho.
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Northeastern Avengers #15 The Finale
MODOK: I really am glad you could joins us, Avengers. You can be the first test of my super weapon. Cletus, Thaddeus, get them.
Hawkeye: You can try MODOK but we are going to put a stop to your evil ways. Avengers Assemble!
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Red Hulk and Carnage charge in and everyone is battling while MODOK just sits back and laughs.
Daredevil: These two are fueled by isotope.
Hawkeye: Damn it, and I'm out of isotope arrows!
Nightcrawler: I have an idea, hold on.
Kurt teleports away and our heroes continue to get manhandled by the villains.
MODOK: I told you Avengers you're too late once a power my machine with the infinity stone nothing can stop me HAHAHA!
Blade: Kurt hurry up damn it!
Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Blade are knocked down and pinned by Red Hulk while Carnage wraps up Gwen and Crystal and MODOK aims the cannon at them. Just before it fires Nightcrawler teleports in the way and throws all of them the isotope needles. Everyone injects themselves with isotope.
Crystal: Kurt! Watch out!
It's too late as Nightcrawler is blasted by the cannon and is disintegrated. All of heroes if a fit of rage escape from their holders and begin to take the fight to them. Carnage is burned by Crystal and when the symbiote jumps up Gwen kicks him knocking him out, then all 5 avengers join up and defeat Red Hulk.
MODOK: No! You blasted Avengers! This is not how it was suppose to go!
Hawkeye: You should know this more than anybody George... don't mess with the Avengers.
MODOK is knocked out cold.
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After our heroes' great triumph they are all rewarded medals of honor. The next day everyone mourns the death of Kurt Wagner.
Matt: What do we do now Clint? I mean we saved the day, but what is next?
Clint: We are Avengers Matt, our job is never really over.
The next day...
Gwen: Hawkeye! Fury called in Juggernaut escaped and is causing chaos!
Hawkeye: Well then... Avengers Assemble!

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