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You know, it feels good to be able to say Wasp solos everyone but Abomination.
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Northeastern Avengers #6
Hawkeye, accompanied by Wasp and Moon Knight, meets up with the rest of his team and they arrive at the vault. Once there they are meet by Hydro Man, Electro, Abomination, and a fleeing Kingpin. Daredevil waits back to recover some energy while everyone else begins to fight.
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The fight is an intense one, Wasp chases Kingpin while everyone else battles the evil villains. Abomination is distracted by Nightcrawler while Blade attacks him, Electro's electricity and Hawkeye's arrows riddle the vault, and Moon Knight struggles to combat Hydro-Man. Wasp thinks she has captured Fisk when she is taken out by a blow dart from Kraven the Hunter. Our heroes seem to be taking advantage when both Hydro-Man and Electro inject themselves with the same isotope Scorpion used earlier boosting them greatly.
Electro: Woo, that feels good.
Hydro-Man: Alright time to drawn out these clowns.
Abomination tries to use his but it breaks in his hands, Blade is electrocuted and sent flying, and right after Hydro-Man blasts away Moon Knight and Hawkeye, leaving Nightcrawler alone to fight the three. He teleports around them getting in hits when he can but it is ineffective and he to is knocked away. Daredevil arrives to the scene and is forced to formulate a plan. He stands in front of Morris as Abomination charges in and moves making the two collide and then waits for Electro to use his electricity and he accidentally shocks Hydro-Man which sets off a chain reaction taking out him and Abomination. The two stand face to face Daredevil standing no chance in his current state catches an arrow thrown by Hawkeye and throws it at him.
Electro: Was this suppose to hurt m...
It erupts in a cloud of smoke that once inhaled by Maxwell neutralizes his power boost and Matt takes his opportunity and knocks out Electro.
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They continue down the hallway and find Wasp knocked out and Kingpin no where to be seen.
Blade: That bastard did it again, and he took the artifact!
Daredevil: Clint, what was inside that arrow?
Hawkeye: When we went to rescue you I found a piece of the Isotope on the ground and infused it with my arrows.
Kingpin leaves the scene on a helicopter heading back to the secrete base of his employer. The artifact appears to be parts to a huge weapon of some kind.
Kraven: So this is what the boss wanted, what do you think it does?
Kingpin: No clue, but what I do know it does is get me a big payday.
What is Kingpin's employer planning... What is this new super weapon... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers.

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