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Northeastern Avengers #8
Once everyone gets acquainted SHEILD calls in for another task. Yellowjacket and a group of villains are trying to break in another vault located in Ontario, Canada. They all assume who is behind the attack and take off immediately to stop them.
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They arrive to the scene and are faced with Absorbing Man, Yellowjacket, Silver Samurai, and Wrecker.
Spider-Gwen: Why would Pym be helping the enemies?
Hawkeye: He is another clone like Marrow was, I can tell by his bright purple eyes.
Blade engages in combat with Silver Samurai, Nightcrawler and Daredevil go after Absorbing man, while Gwen fights Wrecker, and Hawkeye takes on the Yellowjacket clone. Kurt and Matt have little trouble with Absorbing Man and take him out so they can assist Hawkeye. Spider-Gwen dispatches of Wrecker and Blade's fight with Silver Samurai is interrupted by a falling tree that knocks him out. Now with everone battling the clone Absorbing Man takes this opportunity and injects himself with the isotope. Yellowjacket dissolves just like Marrow did but this victory is short lived when Absorbing Man smacks away Daredevil and charges Blade, who slices him with his sword but it is ineffective. He two is knocked away, Gwen wraps him up in her webs, he breaks out but it held him long enough for Clint to get a two shots off one to neutralize the isotope and the other to knock him out.
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Our heroes assume the threat is over when an explosion goes off in the back.
Daredevil: Damn, we just can't get a break can we.
They all rush to the back of the base and see a huge whole and debris everywhere. They all head inside and comes across a fork in the building. Blade and Nightcrawler head down the left, while Hawkeye, Daredevil, and Spider-Gwen head down the right.
Will our heroes get to the vault in time... What is the secret of these clones... Find out in the next issue of The Northeastern Avengers.

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