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Black Bolt and Gladiator

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Black BoltGladiator

Black Bolt and Gladiator


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Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon)
Gladiator (Kallark)


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Northeastern Avengers Vol.2 #9
Everyone arrives on the Earth and absolute hell breaks lose. Mister Fantastic, Thing, and Invisible Woman head over to where Crystal, Gwen, and Dare Devil are fighting off Skrulls and Beta Ray Bill in a vicious 3 way.
Hawkeye: What the hell is Black Bolt doing here?
Human Torch: And Gladiator! This is very bad news, Flame On!
Our heroes charge into the fray.
Gladiator: You Inhumans will fall, by my hand.
Black Bolt (through Lockjaw): You Shi'ar no longer control us.
Gladiator: You could have been so more, but you turned away and left, we created you. I'll be the won to destroy you!
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Black Bolt and Gladiator clash in the center of a city block crumbling buildings.
Hawkeye: This is not good, we have to stop them.
Zemo: Betty, Venom take out Gladiator, Clint take this.
His gives him an isotope needle. Human Torch and Blade charge at Black Bolt. Zemo injects himself with an isotope and he and Hawkeye join in.
Gladiator: You humans stand no chance against the Shi'ar Royal Guard!
Betty: "Royal Guard", am I suppose to care what you are, we fighting or not?
Gladiator: I admire that confidence, but it will be your downfall!
Venom throws a web at his face.
Venom: You yell too much.
Human Torch fires a blast of fire but it is canceled out Black Bolt's scream and sends him flying back.
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Our heroes are putting up a valiant effort to combat these threats, then suddenly a huge explosion occurs behind them.
Blade: What the hell was that?
A large group of skrulls just landed disguised as various heroes.
Hawkeye: Well that's just been our luck today.
Zemo: I have a plan, Clint follow me.
The two run towards Zemo's truck and in the back is a large object covered by a tarp.
What is Zemo's secret plan... Is there any chance at all that our heroes will prevail... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!

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