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Northeastern Avengers Vol.2 #10
Gwen: Crystal, you should stay here until you recover from your wounds.
Crystal: I'll be okay, but we have to find Clint and the others.
They are interrupted by a flying Skrull soldier.
Beta-Ray: You skrulls are weak in comparison to my Storm Breaker.
Super Skrull: What, you think because you have a little hammer you can stop my Skrull army?
Just then a Skrull disguised as Absorbing Man knocks away Bill.
Beta-Ray: So it's like that is it, AH!
He unleashes a power wave of lightning and sends everyone back.
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Daredevil: We have to help him.
Gwen: Why, wasn't he just after us!?
Daredevil: I don't know who he was chasing but without him we stand no chance against these Skrulls.
As the were leaving the ship a Sandman copy falls in front of them.
Sand-Skrull: Leaving so soon?
He throws a hammer fist sending Gwen out the back of the ship. The Skrull sets his eyes on Daredevil, but once he does Crystal blasts him away.
Super Skrull: You will die Korbinite!
Bill launches Storm breaker at him and he is send back only to be saved by the Absorbing Man Skrull.
Daredevil: Gwen I have an idea!
Gwen: What is it?
Before they can say anything the remaining Fantastic Four members show up.
Thing: It's clobbering time!
Super Skrull gets site of this and takes off in that direction but Bill stops him in his tracks.
Beta-Ray: Your fight is with me!
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The Fantastic Four run at Super Skrull, and Daredevil enacts on his plan.
Daredevil: Crystal turn it all the way up!
Crystal engulfs the Skrull in fire turning him into glass, and after doing this Gwen wraps him up in a web and slings him at the Absorbing Man Skrull. He is hit and Absorbs the glass onto his skin. Daredevil throws his staff and shatters both.
Daredevil: Bull's-eye.
Super Skrull is then disposed of.
Beta-Ray: I shall take out the remaining Skrulls.
Bill flies off.
Reed: Hawkeye is this way, follow me.
They run towards Hawkeye's direction but are suddenly halted when Reed is knocked out.
Thing: What the hell?
???: Why the rush? You will only delay the inevitable.
Who has stopped our heroes... Is this fate truly inevitable... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!

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