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Avalanche and Molten Man

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Avalanche and Molten Man


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Molten Man (Mark Raxton)


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Loving it!
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Thank you, I wanted to make this one a more dynamic story than the first.
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Northeastern Avengers Vol.2 #3
Right before Blade can tell them who it is he is interrupted by a SHEILD alert.
Crystal: Damn, alright we'll deal with this, Eric you go visit your source and we'll meet back up here.
Blade: Aight.
They all take off, but meanwhile at Zemo's castle, he and Hawkeye are talking about the problem at hand.
Zemo: Do you remember the large weapon that was below in the Manhattan Harbor?
Hawkeye: Yes, it came from a crashed Skrull ship.
Zemo: While that may be true the weapon was Shi'ar technology stolen by those Skrulls.
Hawkeye: Okay, but what does that have to do with the man that paid off Juggernaut?
Our heroes arrive to where Avalanche and Molten Man are causing havoc.
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Avalanche: Look what we got here, a bunch of heroes looking to save the day.
Gwen: Look what we have here, two lower end crooks thinking they're something special.
This makes them mad and they go after Gwen. She dodges both Avalanche and Molten Man attacks. Crystal responds with by shooting a ball of fire at Avalanche knocking him down then both her and Molten Man engage in combat.
Avalanche: Oh, now your both going to get it.
Daredevil: And I assume you'll be the one giving it to us.
Avalanche: I was going to get the pretty one first, but I have no problem hitting a blind man.
Daredevil: That is, if you can even hit me.
Avalanche jumps up and slams to the ground sending the ground launching up and knocking back Daredevil who is saved by one of Gwen's web, and then to his request spins him around and throws him at Avalanche. He tackles him to the ground and throws him up and at the same time Gwen swings in and kicks Avalanche into a building and Daredevil follows it up with a knock out blow. Crystal is still fighting Molten Man but is wise enough to get him by the dock.
Molten Man: You think you could get me in there, Ha! You'll have to try harder.
Crystal: And you'll have to dodge.
Just then Gwen knocks him into the water and he is taken care of.
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Blade arrives at his source's place of residence which is an old looking castle and is meet by a pair of Vampire's.
Vampire 1: You've got some courage coming here daywalker.
Blade: I here to talk to your boss.
Vampire 2: And why should we let you in?
Blade: Just look what I did to Morlun.
They open the gate and get out of the way. Back at Zemo's castle.
Hawkeye: My God, this goes deeper than I thought.
Zemo: Indeed it does and that is why I need your help, think of it as you helping me to help you.
Hawkeye: *Internal thoughts* Who the hell would convince Skrulls to steal something and then screw them over, so the weapon get's confiscated just to be stolen again?*
Zemo: There is one more thing I must show you, follow me.
What does Zemo have to show Hawkeye... Who is Blade's source... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!

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