Team Batman
Team Iron Man

Created by: Dellmamy45


Aiden Team Battle 8 days ago
Voted: Team Batman
For sure team batman
LordTracer Team Battle 8 days ago
Voted: Team Batman
Batman v. Iron Man*
Elektra v. Cassandra Cain*
Black Lightning* v. Gambit
Hulk* v. Cyborg
Human Torch* v. Black Canary
Vixen v. She-Hulk*
Black Lightning* v. Iron Man
Hulk* v. She-Hulk
Human Torch* v. Cassandra Cain
Amirvel Team Battle 9 days ago
Voted: Team Iron Man
In terms of power it comes down to iron man and she hulk vs hulk and human torch so I believe it's up to she hulk vs human torch which I believe can really go either way, both are extremely powerfull bit I think she hulk could win. Hulk will of course defeat iron man but he can hold his own long enough till she hulk comes to help and they will definitely win
Akephalos Team Battle 9 days ago
Voted: Team Batman
Batman uses an E.M.P. defeating Iron Man and Cyborg instantly.
Hulk defeats She-Hulk
Black Lightning defeats Gambit
Batman and Elektra defeat Black Bat
And Vixen and Human Torch defeat Black Canary
Voted: Team Batman
EMPs don't work on Iron Man or Cyborg.
Voted: Team Batman
Not voted yet
Iron Man started shielding his suits from EMP blasts when EMP became more understood by science IRL. They no longer have any effect on his newer suits. Even IRL there is EMP shielding you can install on a vehicle to make it invulnerable to an EMP pulse.
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Dellmamy45 Team Battle 9 days ago
Voted: Team Batman
Two day perp.
Team Fight on a Cruise
30 minute battle.
Who takes It?