Nightcrawler and Cyclops
Kraven the Hunter and Omega Red

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Nightcrawler and Cyclops


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Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)
Cyclops (Scott Summers)

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Kraven the HunterOmega Red

Kraven the Hunter and Omega Red


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Northeastern Avengers #13
After successfully sneaking into the castle Nightcrawler finds himself in what appears to be a jail block with various doors of different shapes, sizes, and material. In one of the cells he finds his old friend Cyclops and breaks him out.
Kraven: Well what do we have here, it's that teleporting thing from that knock off Avenger team.
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Nightcrawler teleports up there and right before he can attack he is hit by one of Omega Reds whips. Kraven aims his rifle at Kurt and before he can fire is blasted back by Scott.
Omega Red: Da. I remember you! You're friends with that scum known as Wolverine!
Cyclops: Yeah, and soon you'll remember this beating I'm about to give you!
Angered, Omega Red jumps down and lunges at Cyclops who knocks him back with his optic blast. Kraven throws a smoke bomb that blinds Scott and Omega Red takes advantage by wrapping him up. Nightcrawler tries to come to his aid but is tackled by Kraven.
Kraven: A hunter always get's his pray!
Nightcrawler: You're right he does.
Kurt teleports him inside the cell built for the Human Torch and he freezes in place. Kurt and Scott then have no problem taking out Omega Red.
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Voted: Nightcrawler and Cyclops

Nightcrawler: What are they doing with all of these prisoners?
Cyclops: They are using our blood to create clones of us.
Nightcrawler: Do you know where they are made.
Cyclopes points to a room down the hall, Nightcrawler heads that way, while Scott frees all those that have been captured.
Can Nightcrawler stop the evil clone making... Can our heroes stop this new super weapon... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!