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Edit Battle

Edit an existing battle.

You can create 2 team with up to 6 members each. A character can't be used more than once. You need at least 1 member on two teams.

Account benefits

You can pick a total of 99 members. Teams can have a maximum of 16 members.

You can also create a variation of your battle, when two teams are selected. This will allow you to set a location, preptime, etc. And add objects (weapons, equipment, etc) to a team of specific members.

Team 1

Bloom BloomBloomWinx Club Universe
Crown Princess Stella Crown Princess StellaStellaWinx Club Universe
Flora FloraFloraWinx Club Universe
Musa MusaMusaWinx Club Universe
Tecna TecnaTecnaWinx Club Universe
Roxy RoxyRoxyWinx Club Universe
Princess Layla Princess LaylaLayla/AishaWinx Club Universe

Team 2

Necrafa NecrafaNecrafaMysticons
Mysticon Dragon Mage Mysticon Dragon MageArkayna GoodfeyMysticons
Mysticon Striker Mysticon StrikerPiper WillowbrookMysticons
Mysticon Ranger Mysticon RangerZarya MoonwolfMysticons
Mysticon Knight Mysticon KnightEmerald GoldenbraidMysticons
Baron Dreadbane Baron DreadbaneReginald BaneMysticons
Doug Hadderstorm Doug HadderstormDouglaphiusMysticons