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Edit Battle

Edit an existing battle.

You can create 2 team with up to 6 members each. A character can't be used more than once. You need at least 1 member on two teams.

Account benefits

You can pick a total of 99 members. Teams can have a maximum of 16 members.

You can also create a variation of your battle, when two teams are selected. This will allow you to set a location, preptime, etc. And add objects (weapons, equipment, etc) to a team of specific members.

Team 1

Bane BanePrime Earth
Batman BatmanBruce WaynePrime Earth
Clayface ClayfaceBasil KarloPrime Earth
Harley Quinn Harley QuinnHarleen QuinzelPrime Earth
Heat Wave Heat WaveMick RoryPrime Earth
John Constantine John ConstantineJohn ConstantineVertigo
Killer Croc Killer CrocWaylon JonesPrime Earth
Mad Hatter Mad HatterJervis TetchPrime Earth
Man-Bat Man-BatRobert Kirkland LangstromPrime Earth
Mirror Master Mirror MasterEvan McCullochPrime Earth
Riddler RiddlerEdward NigmaPrime Earth
Starfire StarfireKoriand'rPrime Earth
Two-Face Two-FaceHarvey DentPrime Earth
Scarecrow ScarecrowJonathan CranePrime Earth
Red Hood Red HoodJason ToddPrime Earth
Bronze Tiger Bronze TigerBen TurnerPrime Earth

Team 2

Captain Boomerang Captain BoomerangGeorge HarknessPrime Earth
Catwoman CatwomanSelina KylePrime Earth
Deathstroke DeathstrokeSlade WilsonPrime Earth
Green Lantern Green LanternHal JordanPrime Earth
The Joker The JokerPrime Earth
Mister Freeze Mister FreezeVictor FriesPrime Earth
Penguin PenguinOswald CobblepotPrime Earth
Poison Ivy Poison IvyPamela IsleyPrime Earth
Ra's Al Ghul Ra's Al GhulRa's Al GhulPrime Earth
Reverse Flash Reverse FlashEobard ThawnePrime Earth
Solomon Grundy Solomon GrundyCyrus GoldPrime Earth
Zatanna ZatannaZatanna ZataraPrime Earth
Parasite ParasiteRudolph C. JonesPrime Earth
Lady Shazam Lady ShazamMary BromfieldPrime Earth
Larfleeze LarfleezeLarfleezePrime Earth
Star Sapphire Star SapphireCarol FerrisPrime Earth